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President’s Column  July-Aug 2017

High Holy Days ticket policies are discussed elsewhere, so a few words about the new Dues Pledge Forms. I apologize for any confusion that some members have experienced as we’ve updated several membership forms. As you know, our total number of members has remained about the same while our overall expenses have increased. Also, we have often overcommitted into a September 1 – August 31 fiscal year budget knowing full well that not until Dec 31 would our revenue flow coincide with reality. Such wishful thinking can, and has, required us to spend reserve funds. The Board discourages the use of reserve funds for non-emergency purposes.

The Board requests that our members submit Dues Pledge Forms by July 1 and begin paying dues by September 1. By doing so, we should know by the end of July what we can afford to spend beginning in September rather than December.

Several opportunities for mitzvot have been in the eNews for several months. To quick start more social justice efforts, we’ve spoken to several local organizations and placed contact information twice weekly in the eNews. Can you teach English as a second language? Or serve meals at Rosenbaum Family House at different times during the year, not just Christmas? Can you visit those incarcerated at the U.S. Penitentiary at Hazelton, WV? We’d like to hear from you!

Future executive leadership development is a given, but what if you don’t have executive leadership now? In practical terms, our Ritual, Membership, and Religious school leaderships are our active temple leadership. Remember the adage: if the temple were a factory it would be producing Jews? A little harsh, OK, but you get the idea.

New temple executive leadership will be selected at our January 2018 annual meeting. Do you now recognize leadership ability in others whose time to be a leader has in your opinion arrived? I’ve got just the job for you, and for your friend.

We are at a critical generational point. We need a few good next generation people. Please search your hearts and step forward yourself or with your friends to serve Tree of Life Congregation on a committee or as a Trustee. It’s to your merit to do so; kvelling will be more broad-based among your family, social, and professional friends. It’s that simple. And it’s about time.

Shalom and Happy Summer!  – Ed Gerson




  • Ed Gerson

Board Officers

  • Ed Gerson – President
  • Immediate Past President – Adam Rosefsky
  • Vice President – Robert Klein
  • Linda Herbst – Treasurer
  • Laura Cohen – Secretary

Board Members

  • Alison Bass
  • Ed Gerson
  • Linda Herbst
  • Yoav Kaddar
  • Rusty Mall
  • Barry Pallay
  • Laura Cohen
  • Jaimie Russell
  • Merle Stolzenberg
  • Robyn Temple-Smolkin

If you want to contact one of the above people, send a request to the Tree of Life link here or at the lower left of every page. TOL members may want to consult the Committees page for specific contacts.