Tree of Life Congregation
Tree of Life


We bring variety to our Shabbat evening service, alternating among formats like the following:

  • Coopers Rock Shabbat outdoors in the state forest
  • Family Shabbat with early potluck and kid-friendly worship
  • Healing Service with song, visualization, and red string
  • “It’s Morning Somewhere” service with morning prayers in the evening for variety
  • Mazzal Tov Shabbat celebrating birthdays and anniversaries
  • Micro Service taking a closer look at one section of the prayerbook
  • Mostly English Service with minimal Hebrew
  • “Shmooze with the Jewz” joint service with Hillel (Jewish college students)
  • Special Shabbatot around holidays or lifecycle events
  • Wine & Cheese Shabbat with early refreshments and brief service

On Shabbat morning we usually have Torah study, occasionally a full worship service with Torah chanting.  Please check the TOL calendar to find out what is happening on any weekend or holiday.