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Hosting an Oneg

“Hospitality is one of the mitzvot rewarded both in this life and in the World-to-Come.” (Talmud Shabbat 127a)

We all enjoy a tasty oneg (snack) at Friday night services, but it doesn’t happen by itself. As agreed at the 2014 congregational meeting, each member family is encouraged to volunteer to provide one Friday night oneg per year: two families a week. Onegs might honor a loved one’s memory, or a family birthday.

For the “Wine and Cheese” Shabbat, Sisterhood will provide the wine; congregants are invited to bring cheese and crackers. When it is a “Mazal Tov” Shabbat, we provide a cake; a family is needed to bring other refreshments. Food should be vegetarian. At Passover, please don’t bring anything made from grain.

 To host (provide refreshments), please contact