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Shabbat in-person

COVID Protocol Update:

ToL Approaches One Year of In-Person Services!

ToL’s Board of Trustees, on May 3, 2021, voted unanimously to accept the Reopening Task Force’s plan to reopen ToL for in-person Shabbat services on May 21, 2021.

We shut down all in-person gatherings after our March 13, 2020, Shabbat services. With continuing WVDHHS green or yellow codes for Monongalia County, ToL in-person Shabbat services resumed on May 21, 2021. Except for one temporary shut-down that Fall, ToL has had continual in-person services since December 2021.

We remind our congregants that they need to take personal responsibility for their health as well as their actions and practices that can impact the health of those around them. The Board strongly encourages all eligible congregants to complete a full COVID-19 vaccine protocol before considering attending programming.

The decision to attend in-person programming must be made on an individual basis and should rely on one’s comfort, health status, risk factors for exposure or transmission, and the current public health conditions of their county or municipality.

We do not require but do welcome masks. However, we request that all attendees sign our attendance ledger located just inside the main front entrance doors.

Our congregation sincerely appreciates the efforts of Lee Petsonk, Chair Reopening Task Force, team members Al Berrebi, Scott Daffner, David Rosen, Linda Herbst, and Marty Sippin for your many hours researching, discussing, and especially your timely guidance!

Ed Gerson, President