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Hosting or Sponsoring an Oneg

 Invitation to a Friday Night Oneg

“Hospitality is one of the mitzvot rewarded both in this life and in the World-to-Come (Talmud Shabbat 127a).”

We all enjoy a tasty oneg (snack) at Friday night services, but it doesn’t happen by itself. As agreed at the February 9 congregational meeting, each member family is encouraged to volunteer to provide one Friday night oneg per year: two families a week. Or you can sponsor an oneg, donate the cost, and a coordinator will pick up the food (see the March/April Newsletter for details).

Food should be vegetarian. Certain Friday nights are designated “Wine and Cheese.” Sisterhood will provide the wine, but you are invited to bring cheese and crackers. Other Friday nights are designated “Mazzal Tov:” Susan Brown will provide cake, but one family is needed to bring other refreshments. At Passover, please don’t bring anything made from grain.

To host (provide refreshments for an oneg) or sponsor an oneg for 2017, please contact Richard Cohen at

Sisterhood provides wine for the wine and cheese Shabbats

Tree of Life Congregation (Reform) was incorporated in 1922 as Tree of Life Community Center. Our first permanent rabbi was Dr. Alfred Jospe in 1940. Briefly detained in the German Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Jospe emigrated to England, and the Morgantown Jewish community sponsored his coming here. The Congregation met in various rented locations in Morgantown until 1949, when the newly constructed Temple at 242 South High Street opened its doors. Tree of Life’s current rabbi is Joseph Hample, who is a 1978 graduate of Harvard University and was ordained by Hebrew Union College in 2009.