Tree of Life Congregation
Tree of Life


We bring variety to our Shabbat evening service, alternating among formats like the following:

  Coopers Rock Shabbat outdoors in the state forest
  Family Shabbat with early potluck and kid-friendly worship

  Healing Service with song, visualization, and red string
  “It’s Morning Somewhere” service with morning prayers in the evening for variety
  Mazzal Tov Shabbat celebrating birthdays and anniversaries
  Micro Service taking a closer look at one section of the prayerbook
  Mostly English Service with minimal Hebrew
  “Shmooze with the Jewz” joint service with Hillel (Jewish college students)
  Special Shabbatot around holidays or lifecycle events
  Wine & Cheese Shabbat with early refreshments and brief service

On Shabbat morning we usually have Torah study, occasionally a full worship service with Torah chanting.  Please check the TOL calendar to find out what is happening on any weekend or holiday.