Tree of Life Congregation
Tree of Life

Yizkor Book
2019 – 5780

The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 23rd.
Please use this link: 2019 5780 Yizkor Book Form to print the form
and to indicate your choice for memorializing your family and friends.
Enclose a check payable to Tree of Life and mail to:

Tree of Life Congregation
Attn: Yizkor Book
PO Box 791
Morgantown, WV 26507

We need your responses as soon as possible.
Contact with your questions and concerns.
The following options are the ways you can remember
your family and friends in the 2019 – 5780 Yizkor Book:

I. Yizkor Book Listings for the Memorial Boards

The more than 550 names from our memorial boards
are automatically published at no charge.

II. Yizkor Elohim, may God remember those who died in 5779

 We automatically list the names of those who passed away during 5779 at no charge.
Going forward we invite you to donate a memorial board plaque for these friends and family.

III. List of Family and Friends

 Recommended for family and friends who do not have nameplates on our memorial boards,
this list is alphabetically arranged.
List names exactly as you want them to appear and please donate $12 per name.

  IV. Dedicated Boxes – Donation Options

For more inclusive lists these options allow you to
organize all your family and friends’ names in your preferred sequence.
Please remember that very long lists may need to be shortened before publishing.
Contact with any questions.

Front Inside cover: $225           Back inside cover: $225

Facing Front cover: $200          Facing Back Cover: $200

Full page: $175      Half page: $120      Quarter Page: $80

 Please be aware that names listed on your Dues Pledge are not part of the Yizkor Book.
To honor your loved ones in the Yizkor Book you must submit a Yizkor Book Order Form.